PICKNMIX012 – Howitzer

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SweetBox, Vinyl


Howitzer fires off two high-powered, 160bpm weapons for Sweetbox, returning to the Diffrent Music sister label for his second solo outing, after the success of last summer’s ‘Blackjacks’.

Lead track ‘Lemonhead’ rains down a fiery combination of militant drumwork and oppressive bass stabs. There’s an atmospheric tension and relentless quality to this one that’ll have ravers hooked from the first stomp of the kick drum to the outro’s last smouldering crackle.

‘Foundry’ takes a similar sound palette but approaches via a more sleuthy route. Sludgy low-end pulses meet a plodding beat, with each mean step chained together by the kind of yawning groove that can’t fail to have shoulders dropping in the dance.

Both tracks will be available digitally from Friday 22nd November, with a super limited run of 10” pressings available at the Clashmouth Drum & Bass Label Market on Saturday 9th November.


Release date: 22nd November 2019
Written by: Rob Howe
Design: Banana Gun
Published by: Pink Giraffe Publishing

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