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Real Name: Rebecca Porter
Super power: Imperial Liberator
Born: Human
Diffrent Pick: Fearful ‘Gold To Dust (ft. Sense MC)’
Guilty Pleasure: #zkittlez
Wildcard: Don’t click here

I was introduced to Rebecca early on in 2019 by her husband – sadly at the wake of a mutual friend – chatting at the bar, in the Railway Tavern in Tulse Hill, where I’d previously held my wedding reception, so quite a special place…
The intro went a little like this: ‘Have you met my wife? She makes strange half time music, really different, I think you’ll really love it’ – I was a bit startled, but more-so intrigued. I gave Becca my email address and that very night I was bombarded with YouTube links to a load of her work. I spent the next six hours (same night) listening over and over to all the music – I fell in love with it.
I immediately replied, expressing my interest in her as an artist, some very light feedback notes and a proposition to take her on board and help develop her as an artist… Six months on, I am honoured to announce the signing of BrandNewTrumpets – I sincerely hope you enjoy her music as much as I do… Let’s write some history… ~ Dexta

BrandNewTrumpets by Diffrent Music

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