Real Name: Milena Lukić
Born: April ’82
Lives: Bristol, UK
Other skills: Video Production
Diffrent Picks: Dexta & Mauoq ‘Slugger’ & Arkaik ‘Cutting Edge’
Random Link: Click me

At the start of 2013, Milena hit me up about coming to play some sounds at her monthly party called ‘Noise London’. I ended up curating the main set and brought in my ammunition (Mauoq & Kolectiv). It was a great night, and we all ended up walking back to Milena’s for a little afterparty, and ended up accidentally writing a tune called ‘Limbo’. This was the start of a bond that could not be broken! Since that night, we’ve caught up in the studio many times, hung out at all her ‘Noise’ & ‘Noise Test’ parties and she has even worked with me on a couple of music videos for Diffrent.
Since moving away from London last year, Medika has signed a single and an EP with Diffrent, all collaborations with Kolectiv which we all are really excited and can’t wait to get out there to the massive, watch this space! ~ Dexta

MEDIKA @ Nosie, Brixton.

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