GSBC001 (31st May 2017)


If Diffrent Music did radio… Dexta & Mauoq bring you the pilot episode for the official Diffrent Music radio show. Tune in for a very untraditional radio broadcast via Music Box Radio UK, expect to hear forthcoming Diffrent Music material, fresh upfront dubplates, and as ironic as it may sound, an obvious sprinkle of the unexpected… #GSBC

>> Diffrent Music “Advert Break 1”
Cid Porter “Kill Sound”
Danny Scrilla “Cloudburst”
Logics “Knock, Knock”
Fearful & Pheekz “Untitled”
DLX “Uzumaki”
Dub Phizix “Chrysalism”
Synth Ethics & Neve “Ragtag”
J Majik “Your Sound (SB81 Remix)”

>> Artist Focus: Marcus Intalex R.I.P
LSB & DRS “Angels Fall”
Marcus Intalex “Mixed Bag”
Marcus Intalex “Wacky Races”

>> Mauoq Mix
DLX “Gin and Catatonic”
Logics “Shield”
Ahmad “Untitled”
Wingz “Unconditional (Mystic State Remix)”
Ray Keith “Virus”
Sicknote, Dissect & Jay Bionic “Nowadays”
Fearful & Deficit “State Of Decay”
Unknown “Untitled”
Quentin Hiatus “Do I Care”
Lynch Kingsley “Secret Dream”
Sense MC x Arkaik & Dave Owen “That’s Everything”
Dayni “Galaxy Dub”
Mauoq “Fabricate”
Mauoq “Humble Warrior”
Deskai “Keiko”
Mauoq “Black Buds”
Xanadu “Save Yourself”
Justice & Metro “Dope Boy”
Unknown “Untitled”

>> Diffrent Music “Advert Break 2”

>> Back Catalogue: DIFF001
Chills “Everyones Mad”

>> Dexta Mix
Fearful & Slekk “Part 1”
Opus “Pistol Signal”
SCAR “The Wrong Side (2 Bad Mice Remix)”
Lewis James “Untitled”
Glassmasterer “Lip Splitter”
Dead Man’s Chest “Just 4”
Ethos “Tempting Fate (ft. D Los)”
Near “Impel (Sam Binga Remix)”
Tehbis “Alphabet Iiz”
Margari’s Kid “Pwd”
Lakeway “Storm”
Pepsi Slammer “Untitled”
Dexta “Vintage”
SB81 “Bluprints (SB81s Acid Remix)
SCAR “Make Em Know”
Tim Reaper “Straight Forward”
Crypticz & Iyer “Untitled”
Dexta & Crypticz “Together (Danny Scrilla ReSlice)”

Next show: Thursday 29th June 2017 @ 9pm

Next show: 25th July 2017 @ 9pm

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