Real Name: Jeroen Verschueren
Born: June 1988
Lives: Temse, Belgium
Diffrent Pick: Lakeway – Coke & Cola

Digid landed onto my radar when M-Zine & Scepticz sent me their collaboration with him called ‘656’. The track was amazing, it was strange, beautiful, it had loads of energy and was pretty unique, we dropped it in 2014, and it took me about two years go get a follow up from the guy. He’s a busy producer, constantly putting out records all over the place, exploring different tempo’s and scenes, he’s one of them exiting artists who doesn’t stick to one genre, ‘a true artist!’.
So in 2014 we managed to lock down the ‘Space Rabbit’ single which was a beautiful effort and let him truly explore the 160bpm world with no golds barred! Jeroen has been sending me music quite a bit lately, and I’m hoping we can take some time to discuss a EP project maybe, with a couple of collaborations and some new solo material.. Only time will tell! ~ Dexta

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