Real Name: Jordan Parsons
Habits: Addicted to reverbs
Random Link: Don’t click here
Guilty pleasure: Don’t click here
Born: May ’95
Diffrent Picks: Fixate ‘Pum Pum’, Andy Pain ‘Take It’, Graphs ‘About U’ & Still ‘Bugs Have a Soul EP’

The literal description of how I met Crypticz is a little too funny/explicit for the internet, but to cut a long story short, at the 4th birthday party in Brighton, one of the guest DJs played a bootleg of a tune that I was really into at the time, and it turned out to be Jordan. I immediately hit him up for some tunes, and was pleasantly greeted with a whole load of his music that I instantly fell in love with. After not too much of a wait, a fully finished ‘Contact EP’ landed in my inbox and that got things kick started between us, and even brought Lakeway to the table in the same EP!
Since the EP, Jordan has been busy developing his sound, and put out music on 31 Recordings and more recently Cosmic Bridge, both EP’s sending him deeper into his own sound, and forging his own trademark tricks and styles. We’d been talking about a follow up EP for quite some time, and naturally that kind of stuff takes it’s time to happen, but earlier this year, with no cue, a folder with fully named and numbered tracks dropped into my hands and I was blown away! We’re both really happy to end the year with a pair of 12″, firstly, the ‘Access You EP’, a six track EP project exploring deeper into Jordans musical artistry, and a single with myself ‘Together’ featuring two remixes by Danny Scrilla! ~ Dexta

Crypticz ‘back in the day’

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