GiraffeCast 009


As we celebrate two years of Diffrent, Hunchbak + Dexta bring you the (only two weeks late) GiraffeCast part 9. Featuring a whole array of giraffe based drum + bass music, suicide toys and “errrrrrrrm, i forgot”‘s (from Dex). Lots of exclusive music’s and a run down of this years plans from the label and friends!!”

Fybe:one – Physical [Diffrent Dub]
Tellez – Tribal Instinct [Danger Chamber Dub]
Rockwell – The Rain [Shogun Dub]
Data – Phalanx [Blackout Dub]
Cuelock – Departed [Diffrent]
Parallapse – Last Walk Hom’ [Dubplate]
Dyl – Regiment [Danger Chamber Dub]
Shaded & Overlook – Consequences [Diffrent Dub]
Cursa, Sublime & Axlr – Camino [Dubplate]
Shaded – Hexane [Diffrent Dub]
Paul D – Don’t Wanna Be’ [Dubplate]
Stanza – Sigmund Freud [Diffrent Dub]
Dally – 101010 [Dubplate]
Antagonist – Druid [Dubplate]
Hathor & Overlook – Past Tense [Dubplate]
Cone – Polysius [Dubplate]
Quartz – Sabretooth [Diffrent Dub]
Wave – Stairs’ [Dub]
Matt Pulsar – Trespass [Diffrent Dub]
Jekyll – Sawfish [Diffrent Dub]
Melo – Affirmation (Frederic Robinson vs Diffrent VIP mix) [Diffrent]

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