DIFF011 – Arkaik

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“Leonard was kinda flat out for almost most of the winter of 2011, but for some reason the neck kept twitching. Meanwhile, back over in the UK, that sticky bass creator, Peter Arkaik was in the studio letting out his bad moods and stress relief over the EP project. The poor pink giraffe was almost traumatised by the renegade bassline’s floating around on the halftime giraffestep track “Turncoat”, so much that the on site veterinary nurse was rushed over to the diffrent HQ to deal with the matter. While in the studio, she noticed Leonard was getting shaken up quite a bit due to Jekyll constantly trying to get busy with Arkaik working to get the collaboration “Vertebrae” finished, while having MCXL throwing down all his toughest lyrics down to lay over the “Headskill” track. All in all, we could cut a long story short, and say this EP has been quite a “TRAUMA”.”

Cat# DIFF011
Release date: 23rd January 2012
Written by: Peter Goebel, Lucas Rix (Track 2), Tom Pryce (Track 3)
Mastering: Shane @ Finyl Tweek
Artwork: Goebel Graphics

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