PICKNMIX013 ~ Luke Sentric

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SweetBox, Vinyl

Luke Sentric

Hailing from Perth, Australia, new recruit Luke Sentric joins the SweetBox roster with jaw-breaking debut effort.

Lead track ‘Gobstopper’ uses minimal elements to maximum effect: ultra-stripped, halftime percussion, a sneering, pitched-up ragga vocal, and cataclysmic globules of low-end. No handshake. No how d’you do? Just a knockout blow from the bass bins.

B-side ‘Laws’ continues the halftime theme, but this time pairs a smoky dub vibe with a funky pattern of grizzled synth stabs. More laidback than the A but still built to impress on the dancefloor, ‘Laws’ completes a perfect package of dynamic club material.


Release date: 28th February 2020
Written by: Luke Wakeling
Design: Banana Gun
Published by: Pink Giraffe Publishing

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