GSBC011 (1st November 2018)

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We’re back after a frantic summer break, at new home of AAJA Deptford, a local community space and radio station for the borough of Lewisham! We’re joined by man of the moment Fearful to get the inside scoop on his forthcoming album, ‘Interference’ – tune in for some fresh dubplates, and array of things that are, well, categorically ‘Different’…

Amir De Bois ‘Driv’ [AWRA]
Unknown ‘Untitiled’ [Dubplate]
Dushi ‘Love & Happiness (Smushkind Remix)’ [Urban Wildlife]
Thomas B & Dominic Ridgway ‘Freedom Dub’ [Regression Media]
Crypticz ‘Lost One’ [Cosmic Bridge]
Unknown ‘Untitiled’ [Dubplate]
SineCore ‘Lazy Bloody Eyes’ [Section 8]
dBridge ‘Gen 19’ [Exit Records]

Fearful Mix
Leon Vynehall – Trouble ‘Parts I, II, & III’ [Ninja Tune]
Fearful ‘Harkonnen’ [Diffrent Music]
Fearful & Slekk ‘Part 1’ [Diffrent Music]
Fearful ‘Interference’ [Diffrent Music]
Noisia & Two Fingers ‘Dzjengis’ [Vision]
Akkord ‘RCVR’ [Houndstooth]
Deru ‘Pyre’ [Friends Of Friends]
Halogenix ‘Deep News’ [Critical Music]
Tsuruda ‘War In The Jungle’ [Courteous Family]
Fearful & LSN ‘Hostile Transmission’ [Diffrent Music]
Dotcrawl ‘Alternative Facts’ [Division]
Signal ‘Lunala’ [Dubplate]
Ewol ‘Despair (AkHash Remix)’ [Flexout Audio]
Dimensional Dryft ‘Prophets (Fearful Remix)’ [Dubplate]
Ewol ‘Suppress’ [BNKR]
Fearful & Arkaik ‘Evangelist (feat. Codebreaker)’ [Diffrent Music]
Data 3 ‘Komparen’ [Flexout Audio]
Submarine ‘Xertz’ [1985]
Mefjus ‘Sinkhole (Skeptical Remix)’ [Critical Music]
Nami Ongaku ‘Tanz Step’ [Dispatch Recordings]
Fearful & Amoss ‘The Bends’ [Flexout Audio]
Fearful, Dexta & Mtwn ‘Pulse 0’ [Diffrent Music]
Fearful ‘XIII (Mtwn Remix)’ [Automate]
Fearful ‘Gold To Dust (feat. Sense MC)’ [Diffrent Music]

Dexta & Mauoq Mix
Fracture ‘Dropping You’ [Astophonica]
Unknown ‘Untitiled’ [Dubplate]
DB1 ‘Duppy Pulse’ [UVB76]
Severity ‘Fakeworld’ [Unchained]
Inward, Hanzo, Randie ‘Smoking Mirror (Subtension Remix)’ [C4C]
Quartz & Gremlinz ‘Oblong Druid’ [Metalheadz]
Voytek ‘Despot’ [Skeleton]
Sicknote & Escher ‘Trouble’ [Stereocilia]
Moresound ‘Shut Up’ [Astrophonica]
Imprint ‘Respect’ [Lifestyle]
Morphy ‘Samfie Man’ [Bandcamp]
Alex SLK & Underspawn ‘The Duel’ [Citate Forms]

Next show: Thursday 6th December 2018

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