GSBC008 (8th January 2018)


Dexta & Mauoq are back for the first show of 2018, featuring plenty of new fresh music from Diffrent Music, Mauoq Music and music from our friends and family from over the globe. Dexta goes in for a full on SweetBox only mix, showcasing the artists and sounds new, current and future for the sub-label!

D’TCH & Jekyll ‘The Portal’
Boylan & Slimzee ‘Reinforced’
Rainforest ‘Blu Diesel Euphoria’
Paragon ‘Bottom Feeder (MEDIKA Remix)’
Sentic Cycle ‘Hound’
Digital ‘Spacefunk (Om Unit Remix)’
Samurai Breaks ‘Grunge’
Chimpo ‘DidDieDoDat?’

Label Focus: SweetBox
Crypticz ‘Bubblegum’
Lakeway ‘Remove U’
D’TCH ‘Sour Twist’

Mauoq Mix
Rakoon ‘The Moment She Looks Away’
Lao Wai ‘Nekkid I’
Autosymbol ‘Agateophobia’
Rainforest ‘Depth Of The City’
Rockwell ‘Underpass (Alix Perez Remix)’
Sentic Cycle ‘Anime’
Subreachers & Bassdubbers ‘Again Son’
6Blocc and SpinSir ‘Ruff n Tuff’
Quentin Hiatus ‘Born Woke’
Craftsman ‘No Waiting’
Unknown ‘Untitled’
Sonic Art ‘Beast’
D’TCH ‘Don’t Be’
Animal Defection ‘Survivor’ feat Mc Shot
John Rolodex ‘Dreamcypher’
Artilect ‘Something Else (Homemade Weapons Remix)’
Bladerunner ‘Back To The Jungle (Hyroglifics Remix)’
Ill Effects ‘Extinction’
Unknown ‘Untitled’

Dexta Mix
Lowquid ‘Cold Sweat’
Squane ‘Untitled’
Bokeh & Lowquid ‘Untitled’
Lowquid ‘Hard Jube’
Jekyll ‘Untitled’
Lakeway ‘Fireblast Riddim’
D’TCH ‘Flip’
Høst ‘Pink N Blues’
Cocktail Party Effect ‘Untitled (Høst Remix)’
Høst ‘M-Bone’
D’TCH & Soul Defiance ‘Love Hearts’
Bokeh & Lowquid ‘Jelly Tip’
Cocktail Party Effect ‘Untitled’
James Bless & Pepsi Slammer ‘Untitled’
James Bless ‘Disco Biscuits’
James Bless ‘Disco Biscuits’ (Dexta Remix)’

Back Catalogue: GSTEP008
Lakeway ‘Coke & Cola’

Next show: 12th February 2018

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