GSBC004 (14th August 2017)


Dexta & Mauoq return to the internet airwaves in their new North London GSBC studio, organised, set-up and run in-house by the Diffrent Music team! Expect the usual dose of fresh new music, music from the back catalogue, exclusive forthcoming Diffrent Music cuts, plus all the news and info you’ll need to stay in the loop with all things GiraffeStep!

>>Diffrent Music “Advert Break 1”
Fybe:one “New Soul Music ft. Sense MC)”
Kit Curse “Paranoid”
Digid “Late Night Love”
Sustance “Haunted”
OneMind “Quiet Fire (ft. Throwing Snow)”
Kiril “Rave Generator”
Paint “Beast Mode”
Fybe:one “If Only”

>> Artist Focus: Beastie Respond
Beastie Respond “A Good Wisdom”
Beastie Respond “Crystal Palace Inn”
Beastie Respond “dwnloaded 4 r. d4wkins”

>> Mauoq Mix
Overlook “Travelling Withour Moving”
Solace “Absolute”
Stray “Erase”
Homemade Weapons “Deadeyes (Mauoq Remix)”
Subwave “Reflection”
Clarity “Close Break (Dexta & Tokyostereo Remix)”
Kit Curse feat Al Mightee “Übertrieben”
ASC “Open Source”
Dj Madd “Trenchtown Techno”
Lowquid “Hard Jube (Mauoq Remix)”
Kolectiv, Dexta & Mauoq “Lemonade (Mauoq ‘Cloudy Lemonade’ VIP)”
Spectrasoul “Beat Keeps”
Fybe:one “Days Gone”
Ulterior Motive “Kamakura”
Zero T “Overdue”
Somejerk “The Block”
Kiril “No Fightin'”
Homemade Weapons “Tidal Track VIP”
>> Diffrent Music “Advert Break 2”

>> Back Catalogue: DIFF013
Jekyll “Blabbermouth”

>> Dexta Mix
Sully “Bullseye (ft. Jamakabi)”
Odyssia “Tribes”
OneMind “Early Daze”
Technimatic “Trigger Warning (Fracture Remix)”
Lakeway “2-Wheel Drift”
Ethos “Get Together”
Tim Reaper “Tranquility Bass”
Sully “Vanta”
Kiril “AcidOne”
Chris Inperspective “RigaMan”
Still “City Calls”
M.Justa “ID1”
Paint “Gaiden”
Sully “Assembly 2”
Lakeway “Stray Dog”
Kolectiv & Medika “Underground”
Cocktail Party Effect “Worm Food (Høst Remix)”
Iglooghost “Bug Theif”
Beastie Respond “Before Down”
Crypticz “Shapes Of You”
London Zoo “Lips 2 Da Floor”
>> Diffrent Music “Advert Break 3”

Next show: 25th September 2017 @ 7.30pm

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