Diffrent Music Demo Department 001

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Always looking for ways to support new, up and coming talent – we thought it’d be a great idea to start up a regular podcast playing nothing but demos that have been submitted. Along with giving some feedback and encouragement, we hope that people will listen to this music and potentially find homes for some of this art!

DMDD001 ~ 21st August 2018
Akinsa & Ahmad ‘Phoenix’
Danky ‘Slumber Snaps’
DLX ‘Channeling’
HABIT ‘Friendzone’
Hathor ‘You’
Jaskin & Uneven ‘Reach Out’
Kid Kurse ‘Fluster’
Kodiak Tension ‘Noodle 13’
M.Justa x Inva ‘Bass Dept’
NvrSoft ‘Small Talk’
Paracusia ‘Serotonin Snapshot’
Solo ‘Quick Step’
Soul Beat Runna ‘Run The Jewels’
Sun People ‘Stumble & Grow’

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