DiffmasCast 2017


Moooooey Diffmas Everybody!!!

Yes.. We’re back… Dexta, Leano & Sense bring you the 2017 edition of the annual Diffmascast – featuring a whole load of guests from the Giraffe camp new and old… Becca Jane Grey, Chris Inperspective, Chris Conduct, Cuelock, Fearful, Kez & Simon Kolectiv, Lakeway, Mauoq & Sexual Rice. There’s plenty of mulled wine, eggnog and minced pies floating around the room, too many ‘Dickmas Tree’ pictures and festive cards made by all the crew… Join us to see who wants to sit on Sense’s lap throughout the festive season, and if anyone’s up for a cheeky mulled wine enema? (Don’t ask!) Anyway, here’s our review on the year, and a glimpse into what’s to come! Try to enjoy!

Dexta & EHT – Amethyst (Dexta’s Malfunction Mix)
Lakeway – Shelled
Still – Northern Lights
Sense MC x Lynx – Disconnected
Ditate & Slekk – Stunt
D’tch – Want
Ethos & D-Los – Tempting Fate
Mauoq – Humble Warrior
Kolectiv & MEDIKA – Underground
Fybe:one & Hyroglifics – With You
Crypticz – Give U All (ft. Flunkie)
Dexta & Crypticz – Together
Lakeway – Storm
Fearful & Pheekz – Hostile Transmission
Kolectiv & MEDIKA – Just Because

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