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Diffrent Music

The Misadventures of Lakeway (Part 3) EP

Lakeway officially returns to Diffrent Music with his new three-tracker ‘The Misadventures Of Lakeway (Part 3)’.

The third instalment of the ‘Misadventures’ series he kicked off on Hospital’s now-defunct Med School offshoot, the EP also marks Lakeway’s first release for Diffrent since 2018’s ‘Storms’/’Borderlines’, and since signing exclusively with Dexta’s label last year.

Picking up where Part 2 left off, Lakeway continues to fuse rowdy club energy with cosmic atmospherics, weaving countless juxtaposing concepts into each track as only he can.

Opener ‘Moan’ paints halftime drum & bass in grime colours, before tearing itself apart with jackhammer kicks and jittering vocals. Finally, in true Lakeway fashion, the second half switches up completely, being reborn as a rave-fuelled monster.

‘Imposter Syndrome’ finds a syncopated reggaeton beat battling rapid-fire breaks, synthetic strings and dense vox forming luscious padding to soften the percussive blows.

Finally, ‘Carbon Ghost’ brings back Lakeway’s classic 160bpm grime vibes, all gargantuan claps, erratic synth blasts, and rinsed out MC snippets.

Back home and as on-point as ever, a new era of Lakeway productions begins with ‘The Misadventures Of Lakeway (Part 3)’.


Cat# DIFF040
Release date: 10th April 2020
Written by: Liam Ralph
Mastered by: Bob Macc
Design:  Ricky Trickartt
Published by: Pink Giraffe Publishing

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