DIFF017 – Direct Motion

Diffrent Music

“Olly (Direct Motion) is an artist that has been supplying music to Diffrent for quite some time. These two tracks presented in this here single marked a change in direction and style for Olly in Diffrent Music’s opinion & immediately switched the giraffe radar into overdrive.

Thos That Lead has quite a dramatic soundcape style intro that develops into a deep, heavy yet still dynamically pleasing drop/main section that words can only describe as the trademark
headknod big bass vibe that Diffrent giraffe loves all day long. This is a very strong piece that will stand out in the Diffrent Music back catalogue in years to come.

‘Part Of Me’ at first, does not sound although it was built for the dance-floor, but when the pick up drops in, it automatically shows that it was made to be played on big systems. The distorted bass, smooth vocal along with the industrial style sound percussion and sound effects come together to create a refreshing dubby style half time drum and bass giraffe steppa.”

Cat# DIFF017
Release date: 15th April 2013
Written by: Direct Motion
Mastering: Shane @ Finyl Tweek
Artwork: Pirate Radio Creative
Publishing: Pink Giraffe Publishing

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