AWRA008 ~ Esthetic x Reac-Zo

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Esthetic x Reac-Zo

A new year begins and with it come two new adherents to the cult of AWRA, Esthetic & Reac-Zo.

The Russian duo offer up a pair of ritualistic cuts; electronic hymns built to put bleak winter dancefloors into a dance trance.

Propelled by a murderous low-end throb, ‘Innunaki’ is a masterclass in hypnotic halftime, its methodical stomp enlivened by the the clickety-clack of percussion gone feral.

‘Magen’ is equally ominous, dropping the tempo but delivering a barrage of kicks, mystic pads and a bleep that relentlessly bores away at the nerves — as if from a radar alerting to an unknown entity lurking dangerously close.


released January 7, 2022

Written & Produced by Molodtsov Dmitry & Podosenov Vitaly
Mastered by: Bob Macc @ Subvert Central
Artwork & Design: Banana Gun

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