Arkaik, Dexta & Sense MC @ The Trailer TV (27th March 2014)

Gigs, Livestream

The Trailer TV, London

27th March 2014 with Arkaik, Dexta & Sense MC

The Trailer TV, a livestream party, on a disused trailer, parked up next to the Deptford Creek, behind a bus, that serves craft beer on tap, and the best sourdough pizza in South East London. Diffrent Music were asked to come and do a showcase and show their people what we’re all about! Arkaik, Dexta & Sense MC teamed up for a 45 min heater session. The night also featured our good friends Metro & Justice of M:Jazz, and Jamma & Threshold of Dub Clinique. It was a great evening!

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