GiraffeCast 018


Diffrent Music present: GiraffeCast 018
With a bit of a pause on the usual GiraffeCast format and after the summer’s BBQcast, we return with some fresh flavours and some unexpected drama.

Kolectiv were invited down to the zoo to come chat about their forthcoming ‘Immortalis EP’ but things got a bit out of hand…

Dexta & Kolectiv – Make Me [Diffrent Dub]
Andy Pain – Banana [Diffrent Free]
**£$%^&*{initiate ‘kolectiv pirate radio’ transmission/////.…..
Wax Doctor – Atmospheric Funk [Talking Loud]
Mask & Gang Related – Bass Is Rollin [Dope Dragon]
Kolectiv & Retraflex – General Dub [Flexout Dub]
Kolectiv – Seventh Son [Vampire]
Bredren – Triple Hop [Proximity Dub]
Kolectiv & Mauoq – Killer Instinct [Diffrent Dub]
Kolectiv – Dogpad (Zerto T VIP#2)
Kolectiv & Hydro – Mistrust [Inside Dub]
Kolectiv – Immortalis [Diffrent Dub]
Kolectiv – Enemy Lines [Vandal Dub]
Carera – No Love Dem [Dub]
Kosheen – Hide U (Kolectiv Bootleg VIP) [Dub]
Kolectiv, Bredren & Philth – Sphere of Influence [Dub]
Amoss & Dexta – Afroman [Diffrent Dub]
ShyFX vs Sam Binga – Sambaata [Dub]
Kolectiv – Sleeper Cell [Diffrent Dub]
Kolectiv – The Choice [Dub]
Rag’N’Boneman – Put That Soul On Me (Kolectiv Bootleg) [Dub]
Unknown – Untitled [Dub]
Kolectiv – Slow [Diffrent]

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