GiraffeCast 010


Sorry for the gap… As you know we have been busy on the road with parties and D&BA things la la la.. But as a treat, we have spilt lots of beans, in the form of pretty much the next six months of diffrent releases leaked into one hour of mad drum patterns and stinky giraffe based bass lines! Oh and T-Shirt give away for those who have been waiting for a copy of the black pink black black + text tee!!!

Intex – Drips [Modula Dub]
Quartz – Sabretooth [Diffrent Dub]
Physco Mantis – Suicice Talk [Dub]
Direct Motion – Part of Me [Diffrent Dub]
Spirant – Airlock [Dubplate]
SpectraSoul – Buggin [Shogun Audio Dub]
Arkaik – Cutting Edge [Diffrent Dub]
Incognito – Habitat [Dubplate]
Detail – Green Rain [Dubplate]
Shaded – Marauder [Diffrent Dub]
Cuelock – Page 25 [Blueberry Muzik Dub]
Fathom Audio – Ridges [Diffrent Dub]
Mtwn – Genji [Dubplate]
Hunchbak – Second To None [Diffrent Dub]
D-Struct & Homemade Weapons – Untitled [Diffrent Dub]
Data & Alvarez – Resist [Inception Audio Dub]
Hyperon – Remember the Day [Dubplate]
Larrge – Glitches [Icarus Audio Dub]
Matt Pulsar – Aereolite [Diffrent Dub]
Coma – Mechanism [Icarus Audio]
Mindmapper & Fre4kNc – Mind of Steel [Translation Dub]
Cease & Sekkle – Dead Sea Scrolls [Diffrent Dub]

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