GiraffeCast 004


The fourth Giraffecast from Hunchbak & Dexta @ diffrent. This episode sees Dexta relay emotions on a 1-5 scale, an appearance from a cow and some seriously vibeful music. Expect to hear some ice cold cuts from the likes of Dan Marshall, Amoss, Zero T, Hybris, Octane & DLR, as well as some bass filled bangers by the diffrent crew plus friends…

Dan Marshall – Galactic Lust [Dubplate]
Hunchbak – Second to None [Diffrent Dub]
Technicolour – The Unfolding Path [Dubplate]
Amoss – Cranium [Horizons Dub]
Beat70 – The Gateway (War remix) [Dubplate]
Arkaik – Relapse [Diffrent Dub]
Clarity – Underneath the Leaves [Dubplate]
Vicious Circle & Universal Project – Broken Silence [Siren]
Eleven8 – Subteranean Wasteland [Dubplate]
Jekyll – Drainpipe (Diffrent Dub]
Zero T ft Script – Guessing Games [Footprints Dub]
Kessla & Eleven8 – Escape Velocity [Dubplate]
Octane & DLR – Red Tape [Black Box Dub]
Shaded – Gone [DiffrentDubplate]
Orginal Ninja – Instinct [Dubplate]
Hybris – Septic [BLKND Dub]
TGunn – No More Tears [Dubplate]
Reza – Tribal Rite [Dubplate]
Hunchbak – Hide & Go Seek [Diffrent Dub]
Skeptical & Dub Phizix – Fallen Angel [Ingredients Dub]
Dakosa – Blood Moon [Diffrent Dub]

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