GiraffeCast 002


Well hai there!
We’re back for another peak beyond the realms of normal dnb. Expect the freshest cuts from dBridge, Data, Lynx, June Miller, Barbarix, Dan Marshall, plus some in house exclusives b2b some bits we’ve picked up along the way…. Enjoy, and feel free to download.
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Barbarix – Confession [Difrent Dub]
Dakosa – So Long [Diffrent Dub]
Lynx & Hellrazor – On the other side [Blackout Music Dub]
Thorne & Malicious – Inhale [Diffrent Dub]
Data & Keza – Survailance [Inside Recordings Dub]
The Funktion – Lonely [Dubplate]
Dan Marshall – Eden [Dubplate]
Synkro – Letting Go (dBridge Remix) [Blackout Music Dub]
June Miller & Rolling Maffia – Shimizu [Buried Audio Dub]
Cuelock – Ghost Sound [Diffrent Music]
Displaced Paranormals – Epidemic [Dubplate]
Hunchbak & Jekyll – End of the world [Diffrent WIP]
Shaded – Creatures Voices [Dubplate]
Jekyll – Disperse [Diffrent WIP]
Unisoun – Pleasure Baby [Dubplate]
Joe Syntax – White Light [Diffrent Dub]
Expect – White Dwarf [Dubplate]
Arkaik – Second Bass [Diffrent Dub]
Dan Marshall – Enceladus [Dubplate]

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