ElephantCast 024


Dexta & Sense present the ElephantCast, featuring special guests Fybe:One & Mauoq to discuss their forthcoming releases and elephant facts galore… We explore the possibility of a fight to death to see whoes EP comes first, there’s some talk of some new merchandise, an album giveaway competition, loads of exclusive forthcoming music that they shouldn’t have, and some strange sound effects from the team!
~ PS: No actual elephants were hurt during the making of this podcast.

Left to right: Leano, Mauoq, Dexta, Sense MC , Fybe:one

Slekk – Get Down
Fybe:one – Streaming
Lakeway – Oldschool
Dexta – Dance With Me
Still – Grecha_1
Fybe:one – Bloodline
Fybe:one & Sense MC – New Soul Music
Mauoq – Repente
Pavel Dovgal – VHS (Outro Re-edit)
Dexta & Mauoq – Five-0 (Decompression Dub)
Mauoq & F.Ich – Hek Legacy
Mauoq – Jungle Frog
D’tch – Control
Lakeway – Hold U
Goron – So Solid
Kursa – Warfare
Crypticz – Forever
Yahna – Reflection
Boxwork – Portland Push (Fybe:one Remix)
Fearful – Harkonen

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