DIFF007 – Shaded

Diffrent Music

“If you are looking for something that is a cut above the rest, then have a slice of this single brought to you by ‘Shaded’. This masterful creation of intellectual and creative drum and bass will set a new standard of production through out all forms of dance music. ‘Obliterate’ is one for all the head nodders and skankers, who just cant get enough of a nice pounding sub accompanied with what can only be described as ‘sonically perfect percussion’. On the flip is not something for the feint hearted as it swings through your speakers with one almighty bass line. This deep and deadly beat marches on with a tribal flavour, sprinkled with techy glitch noises to real cut through the speakers and the dance floor. A simply jaw dropping release that will shake the brain enough to make you dribble, and you can thank the boys a ‘Diffrent’ for that one. ”

Cat# DIFF007
Release date: 6th June 2011
Written by: Paul White
Mastering: Shane @ Finyl Tweek
Artwork: Pirate Radio Creative

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