Real Name: Chris Royle
Aka: Dirty D
Groups: Goron
Born: London, 1986
Diffrent Pick: Chills ‘Everyones Mad’
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Not a big fan of talking about myself, but here goes… My experience with the label, has been quite an eventful ride, I co-founded the label back in 2010 with Jamie Hunchbak, we started up the GiraffeCast, and a whole series of singles and EPs, in about 2013 we went our separate ways and I advanced with the label, I introduced a load of physical releases, the sub-label GiraffeStep, several events throughout the UK, and have loved every minute of it! As an artist, I tend to only sit down once in a blue moon to focus on my musical explorations, while it’s frustrating that I don’t have much spare time for it due to other obligations, I do believe that the time I do spend in the studio is precious, and that it’s jam packed with my inner creativity, which keeps me going. It took me quite some time to put out my own debut release on the label, but I’ve definitely enjoyed featuring on other peoples records, adding in my spices here and there and interacting with the family through more than a bit of general A&R. Thanks to everyone for contributing to the label, to everyone supporting the music, and representing, this is only the beginning! ~ Dexta



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